Ruth Day



Ruth was transplanted from Southern Ontario to Naperville in 2003, with three, now grown and somewhat sassy, children. A famous dabbler, she has tried everything from float tanks to Hapkido, from Warrior Dashes to Improv comedy, but Yoga and Meditation have remained her physical, emotional and spiritual refuge and the only things that slow down her ‘madly off in all directions’ brain.

To complement her undergraduate degree in Biology and training and experience as a registered nurse in Ontario, Ruth completed multiple Yoga Teacher Trainings at the 200Hr and 300Hr levels in Illinois.

She also completed a Trauma-Informed Yoga Certification with Y12SR and teaches at Cook County Jail and leads small groups using this training.

Ruth volunteers for Yoga for Recovery, an organization for empowering incarcerated women in Cook County Jail through the practices of yoga and mindfulness. These skills empower women to break negative habits, and access strength, calm, and clarity on demand.

She also volunteers for The P.I.E.Project, an initiative that uses yoga, social awareness, and creative expression to deliver impact to an entire community,

Ruth leads 200Hr and 300Hr teacher trainings in multiple formats.

She uses metal and crystal singing bowls, Solfeggio frequency Tuning Pipes and an ocean drum for private, corporate and studio sound meditations.

Ruth complements her teaching, training and coaching programs by combining personalized sound, aromatherapy, yoga, mindfulness, and creativity.

Ruth is also an avid mixed media artist, photographer, published writer, and editor. In her spare time, she can be found exploring Chicago with her daughters, hanging with her greyhound and parrot, or binge-watching BBC crime dramas. You can listen to Ruth’s Podcast The Recovery Coach from Apple Podcasts or directly from 

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