Women’s Healing Circle

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Are you holding it together on the outside? Does your social media look like your life is grand, but are you overwhelmed and feel like you’re unraveling on the inside?

Come join a supportive, safe and nonjudgmental group of women who share challenges and celebrate successes.

Summer Dates: Tuesday, July 30th, August 13th & August 27th

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Why would you want to do this?
– To discover beliefs, patterns, and behaviors that are limiting you from being the best version of yourself.
– Learn how your thoughts determine your emotions and behavior.
– Discover you are not alone in feeling this way
– Authentic connections where you don’t have to pretend to be great, fabulous and have everything together all the time.
– Unconditional support in a shame-free environment
– Stress reduction techniques that you can take home and use in your actual life.

Arrive with stress – Leave with peace.

Hosted by Ruth Day – Yoga master, Professional recovery coach, and meditation instructor ‚Äč

Come for support and sharing. There will be different focuses such as guided journaling, Intention card creation and reading, sound healing, and guided meditation.

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Ruth Day

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