E-RYT 500HR, YACEP, Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga as Integrative Medicine, Advanced Vinyasa Teaching & Assisting, Y12SR, Trauma Informed Yoga Practice, Sound & Light Therapy

Coaching – Training – Healing

Tailor Yoga & Meditation to fit You – Your Body, Your Life, Your Goals, Your Time.

Enhance Your Life –  Life Coaching, Personal Training, Yoga as Integrative Medicine, Sound Therapy, Tarot or Oracle Cards, Essential Oils, Crystals.

Improve your practice – Strengthen you so you can grow into the best version of yourself

Enhance your performance in your chosen sport.

Increase employee productivity.

Learn new things.  Headstand, anyone?

Learn to breathe and de-stress?

Add value to your workplace, group or conference by increasing employee or participant productivity, focus, and happiness.

Lead Trauma-Informed Yoga to special groups and individuals in a safe environment.